Hi, I am Yadvender Singh, more commonly knows as UltraRaw26 around the internet. I started doing art since the age of 5, and from the last 3 years, I have been taking things onto the digital level. I make concept arts, situational arts, posters, logo designs, and many more things digitally. It is a fun process but I also tend to learn with each and every work. Progress is the key for me, so is consistency, and with these qualities, I aim at generating the best digital art content that I ever can.


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  • Hi, I noticed that the selection of Marvel posters for sale on this site is much smaller than the art you have created and shared on Instagram. Is it possible to request specific prints?

    Specifically, I am looking to get a poster of the following:

    Any advice you can give (direction to another store, cons you will be selling merch at, etc) would be really appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Ryan on

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