About Us

Our vision is to become a bridge between talented artists and passionate people who would love to decorate their home with exclusive artworks.

We believe in talent and passion, that's why we discover talented, but yet unknown artists and we sidekick them to their success!

Every time you purchase something on Sidekick Art, you support young & talented artists! Because of people like you they can do what they love most in their lives - express themselves via art! Sometimes all we need is a little push...

At the moment, we have the best quality anime, zodiac, chakra, warrior art canvases, posters and phone cases on the market, but we have bigger goals! In future we are planning to reach and support even more creative souls. We will expand our category list to all kind of art styles and even photography!


You can meet our artists HERE.


Why choose us?

Every drawing is unique and cannot be bought anywhere else! Whenever you buy something on Sidekick ART, you support talented, but yet unknown artist. Because of people like you, they can follow their true passion and do what they really love - drawing.

We are all about quality and customer satisfaction! With confidence, we offer you 30 days money back guarantee. Don't like your canvas? Send it back for a full refund!

FREE blazing fast shipping! We are making our canvas in North America/Europe, good logistics structure allow us to have an edge over competitors and deliver parcels faster than anyone else.

We have the most friendly customer support, who is ready 24/7 to help you and will do whatever it takes to solve your problem. Every customer is important and will be treated personally.

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