Become Sidekick Art's Affiliate Partner

Do you have friends, subscribers or followers who would love to purchase our products? This is perfect opportunity for you to earn nice regular income!
It's super easy to start, there is only two simple steps you have to do and it will take up to one minute.


If you want to become our affiliate partner, you will need to create an account, it takes like 10 seconds.


You will get access to your personal dashboard. You will be able to see sales and visitors here.


Click "Copy to clipboard" button and share it with your friends, subscribers or followers.

Every time some one comes and purchases through your link, you will receive 10% from total order, that would be up to $50 per single sold product.

**OPTIONAL STEP** (If you want to send to specific product page)

1) You can send people directly to product page or even collection!

Just copy a link which you want to share from our website, paste it in your link generator and click "Generate" button.

Sidekick art affiliate program

2) Copy your "Affiliated link", it should look similar to example below and share it with yours friends, subscribers or followers. 


We can transfer funds via PayPal or just create you a gift card for our store. Contact us and we will payout in 48 hours. 

* Please note, that we can only payout after money back guarantee expires to avoid fraudulent refunds.

Feel free to contact us by email for more information: